Work with us

This description is designed so that you understand the philosophy of work of our group and you become familiar with our norms of internal regime.

               -A strong leader plus strong rules equals strong business-

We have without doubt several of the best locations in the area of ​​Calvia, with privileged views over the bay of Santa Ponsa and we are pleased to tell you that we have an important workload for many months of the year …. Therefore We need all the people that integrate this group from the first to the last to work with the maximum degree of involvement to be able to get the “enough” to become … “ALL” the months of the year …

-The goal can not be simpler and more complicated at the same time, and is that our customers feel at home and enjoy a experience so special and pleasant, that they want to see us again and again … They will sincerely thrill with our food, friendliness and service.

-To carry out our objective we have to understand some guidelines … respect, companionship and education both with our clients and our colleagues and humility are the foundation of our work and personal development.

– From now, you could be part of this great team and we want you to contribute with your effort and dedication to the consolidation of this group as a referent on the island gastronomically speaking …. Needless to say, people who want to be part of this Project … They must be people with the desire, capacity and illusion to be the best in what they do … Everyone is important here … From the cleaning women … Until the general manager of the group …

– Here we want to be and we strive to be the best … Better workers and better people … And only the people who love and feel what they are doing day by day, will be welcome in this company … Without egos, without jealousy , Without envy and without pride … We are looking for people who feel important and make this group of companies important …

We are all important and that must be clear … We all have a value and deserve to be respected, and that respect must be mutual … I intend to fulfill my part of the agreement and as such, I will require you to comply with your Part of yours. I HELP YOU, YOU HELP ME … THIS IS SO …. NO MORE.


Most important, A STABLE, WORTHY AND RESPECTABLE WORK … In this wonderful life that we have been living, the main role is to be able to develop as people, TO PERSONAL AND LABOR LEVEL, to form families and to take care of them. .To feel useful and important … Growing up in a personal environment is linked to having adequate job stability … Since, by how the current society is set up, the quality of life is in line with meeting basic needs that only Can provide a quality work according to our aptitude and above all positive attitude towards the work. If we do not love what we do and we put our efforts to be better … We will never leave the mediocrity that floods many lives. We have to work, and since we have to do … What better way than trying to be the best in what we do … Only from the effort and dedication can we get that longed for quality of life for us and ours. .. And I can guarantee that people who are involved in the cause and carry the flag of the group with faith and hope … They will grow exponentially over time … Both economically and value added to the company. This is a profession, although some think that it is the only way out because they have not wanted or been able to study other professions … Those who are in this profession because you think that is the only thing you could find. .. Here you will also have no place … NO EFFORT AND DEDICATION YOU WILL NOT FIND ANY STABILITY OR HAPPINESS IN WHAT YOU DO … NOT HERE, OR IN ANY OTHER PROFESSION …. So … You know what is ours and yours Part of the deal.

We are willing to give you the necessary training from day one … What you have done before in other jobs we care little, we feel neither better nor worse than other companies in the sector, but if we have a way of doing things in Which we believe and has led us to succeed .. With our virtues and our defects we believe in our methods … So, from your first day in GRUPO SIMSALABIM you will be accompanied by superiors who will give you the information and help you need in everything Moment, but always under our criterion and creed … That is the one that has taken us to where we are … Habits and customs of the past … We are not interested … We are interested in our methods and way of doing things, For the simple reason that this is our house and in our house we have very clear ideas … HEMO