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A man decided to dig a well in a land he owned. It chose a place and deepened until the five meters, but it did not find water.

Thinking that this was not the right place, he looked for another place and tried harder, reaching up to seven meters, but this time he did not find water. He decided to try a third time, in a different place, and dig much more, but when he reached ten meters, he concluded that there was no water on his land, and that it was best to sell it.
> One day he went to visit the man to whom he had sold the land, and he found a beautiful well.

“Friend, you’ve had to dig for water. I remember that I poked more than twenty meters, and I did not find any trace, “said the newcomer.

“You’re wrong,” replied the man. “The truth is that I only dug twelve meters, but unlike you, I always did it in the same place.”