What does love mean?
A group of professionals proposed to several children, ages 4 to 8, the question “what does love mean ?, and the answers obtained were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined:
“Love is the first feeling there is before all bad things appear”
“When my grandmother began to suffer arthritis could not paint the toenails; So my grandfather painted them all the time even when he started to have arthritis in his hands, that’s love ”
“When someone loves you, the way that person says your name is different. Your name is safe in your mouth ”
“Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy gets colony, they go out together and they smell each other”
“Love is when you go out with someone to eat and give you most of your fries without making that other person give you theirs”
“Love is when someone hurts you, you get very angry, but you do not scream, because you know it would hurt your feelings”
“Love is what makes you smile when you’re tired”
“Love is when my mom makes coffee for my dad and she tries a little first before giving it to him, to make sure she tastes good”
“Love is when you kiss all the time, then you get tired of kissing, but you still want to be with that person to keep talking”
“Love is what you can perceive at Christmas if you stop opening gifts and listen”
“When you tell a person something very personal and you are afraid that he will not love you any more; But you are surprised that she not only loves you as before, but loves you more ”
“Love is when you tell a guy that you like his shirt and he puts it on every day”
“Love is an old lady and an old man who remain friends even after knowing a lifetime”
“Love is when my mom or dad kiss me at night before going to sleep”
“Love is when my mom gives Daddy the biggest piece of chicken”
“Love is when my mom looks at dad and says he’s cuter than Robert Redford”
“Love is when your puppy sucks your face even when you’ve left it alone all day”
“Love is when my older sister gives me all her clothes that she does not wear and then she has to go and buy another one”
“One should not say” I love you “when in fact it is not … But if you really love someone you should tell them, it may be that that person has forgotten”
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